Carbon Monoxide Safety Steps

If you have a carbon monoxide alarm in your home, you’re on the way to providing superior safety for your family. However, do you know how to maintain your alarm, and practice CO safety in your space? We all have busy lives and other priorities, so it’s easy to take life-saving measures like installing CO

Retirement Planning Is Not for Wimps

Almost any senior citizen will tell you, ‘getting older is not for wimps.’ Generally, they’re talking about the aches and pains that are a natural part of aging. But getting to retirement with enough money to enjoy it is no walk in the park either, even if you think you are stashing enough into your

Don’t Wait for Winter to Service Your Boiler

While late fall or early winter is the time most of us begin to crank our heat, if you’re using a boiler, it’s important not to wait until the last minute to service it. A lot of homeowners have good intentions when it comes to scheduling maintenance. The problem is that it’s easy to forget

5 Great Ways to Decorate an Exposed Brick Wall

Have a room with an exposed brick wall? Lucky you! Not only is the brick itself an irresistible design element, with a few simple decor tricks, you can amp up the chic factor even further.  Try these suggestions… Place an open-backed shelving unit in front of it to allow the brick to show through, instead

Top Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air

Creating more airflow is an important step to improving your indoor environment, but considerations like air quality should not be overlooked. More air is a good thing, but more clean air is better yet. Everyday home life activities such as cooking, showering, lighting candles, sleeping and doing laundry can all contribute to polluted indoor air,

More millennials buying homes before marriage

Recent trends in the housing market suggest that couples are reversing what used to be considered the norm: They are buying homes before getting married. The share of unmarried homeowners has spiked significantly in recent years, according to a report from CNBC. Today, just 57 percent of first-time buyers are married, compared with the 75

Sluggish mortgage rate growth could help home sales

As home prices continue to reach record-high levels, even modest increases in the inventory of homes for sale have not been enough to improve the picture for homebuyers in the second half of 2018. But winds could be shifting in their favor as mortgage interest rates remain locked in a nearly two-month holding pattern. That’s