8 Ways to Soundproof Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary; however, if outside noises prevent you from getting the rest and relaxation you need, your health and productivity could suffer. Soundproofing your home doesn’t need to be a huge, expensive hassle. There are some easy ways to dampen the sound of your neighbor’s dog barking or reduce the sound of

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space

Transforming your backyard into a true extension of your home’s living space is a relatively easy way to add usable square footage and increase enjoyment of your home. Making outdoor upgrades is also a scalable project, meaning you can do as little or as much as your budget allows and continue enhancing the space over

Keeping Your Pet Cool This Summer

If you have an outdoor pet, the summer months can be a fun time for playing and lounging in the grass. However, it can also be extremely hot. Consider the following tips for keeping your pet cool. Shade. Make sure there is ample shade for your pup or kitty to hang out in. If you

9 Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring and Summer

Warmer weather and longer days put winter in the rearview mirror. To celebrate, update your home with a few simple tips from the design editors at House Beautiful:  Switch to pastels – Repaint your living space walls and swap out the neutral grey and beige for a fresh-looking spring pastel color. Mint green is popular

The Home Trends You May Regret in 20 Years

Home trends come and go, but which are most prime for falling out of favor? Apartment Therapy recently took a look at the unfiltered opinions of some 2,400 posts to a question on Reddit about home trends that people will most likely regret in 20 years. Here are a few of the most popular responses: Barn

Tips for Finding the Perfect Paint Color

Redoing your home or room? A paint job is an easy, inexpensive way to totally remake the way your space looks. But with thousands of colors of paint available, how do you decide? Below, the experts from Freshome weigh in. Pick your textiles first. Freshome notes that textiles are usually considered a finishing aspect of

Beginner Garden Tips For Aspiring Green Thumbs

If you plan on getting into gardening this spring, and consider yourself a beginner, the following tips can help ease your way into a gardening ritual. Keep it simple. If you’re just starting out, your best bet is to pick just a few plants to get in the ground to avoid overwhelming yourself. Choose a

Seasonal Spring Energy Saving Tips

Looking to stash away some cash before summer? Look to your energy-use habits. The following tips can help: Focus on the Fridge. Proper cleaning of the fridge can reduce its energy consumption. Start by dusting/removing the dirt from refrigerator coils, removing food to allow air to circulate which increases efficiency. Make sure refrigerators are not

More Americans say now is a good time to buy a home

The state of the U.S. housing market has shifted rapidly in the last few months, but are consumers keeping up? A new survey from the National Association of Realtors makes the case that low mortgage rates and increased inventory did, in fact, move the needle in the home purchase market, making prospective buyers more serious