Don’t Neglect Your Fall Landscape

Even though peak gardening season has passed in many areas of the country, the fall months are an opportune time to get creative in your yard and set the stage for next season’s blooms. Try these suggestions from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP).

Choose Texture Over Flowers
While bountiful summer blooms may have long gone, add interest to your garden, planters and window boxes with a variety of interesting textures. Traditional fall mums and asters are always a good, colorful choice, and try mixing them with ornamental kales, cabbage, and peppers. A variety of grasses will add shape and drama to your landscape, and many will last long into the winter months. NALP also recommends succulents, which are a great outdoor option in many climates where they’ll happily grow all year long.

Add Depth With Jewel Tones
Spring may be the time for soft pastels, and summer for bright bolds, but fall is the time for regal jewel tones. Add purple with fall pansies, blue with delicate asters, deep emeralds with evergreens and rich golds and oranges with decorative gourds and pumpkins. Update your outdoor furnishings with jewel-tone cushions and pillows to tie the look together.

Up the Cozy Factor
Continue to enjoy your outdoor spaces by warming them up with fire pits or outdoor heating units, such as propane or electric heaters. Stock your patio or porch with easily accessible, outdoor-friendly blankets, and make the most of the cooler weather.

Focus on Maintenance
In order to unveil a beautiful lawn come spring, put in the necessary maintenance work now. At a bare minimum, the NALP recommends raking leaves to prevent them from decomposing on the grass. Also, consider aerating and fertilizing to nurture grass underground during the winter months.