Keeping Your Pet Cool This Summer

If you have an outdoor pet, the summer months can be a fun time for playing and lounging in the grass. However, it can also be extremely hot. Consider the following tips for keeping your pet cool.

Shade. Make sure there is ample shade for your pup or kitty to hang out in. If you don’t have a covered porch or garage, consider stringing a tarp to make a cool cover for your animal to hang under.

Multiple water sources. Keep a minimum of two water sources full of fresh drinking water at all times, should one dry out or get kicked over. If you live a busy lifestyle, consider a large, self-filling water receptacle for your pet, or Google how to make one DIY-style.

A summer shave. If your dog has a heavy coat, consider a seasonal “puppy cut” to lighten up their fur for the summer.

Avoid mid-day walks. Mid-day walks in high heat can lead to heat exhaustion or burned pup paws. Walk your dog in the early morning or early evening when things are naturally cooler.

Puppy pool. If you’re in the midst of a real scorcher, consider filling a kiddie pool with water for your pup to cool off in. Warning: If your pup comes indoors at night, you may have a muddy mess on your hands, so plan accordingly.