10 Cool Tips for Decorating a Baby’s Room

When it comes to decorating a baby’s room, grey is the new yellow, especially when the sex of your baby will be a surprise. And furniture that evolves from crib to pre-teen hangout is more popular than ever.

Here are ten more tips on nursery decor to help you put a room together that is practical, safe and will look terrific as your baby grows:

• Add a dimmer to the lighting. It’s a simple project that will let you adjust the mood of the room as needed.

• Baby proof the room. Cover the wall outlets, keep the crib away from window treatments and cords, and place any breakable or valuable items on higher shelves.

• Select a cool crib. There are many new convertible designs to choose from, including round or oval ones, so shop early to make the best decision for you.

• Leave lots of floor space. With so much adorable kid stuff on the market, it’s easy to go a bit overboard. But toddlers need floor space to play in.

• Add bright colors and patterns. While the walls may be neutral or pastel in color, you can stimulate a baby’s vision by using black and white stripes or colorful contrasting colors as accents. Research has proven that color contrasts register powerfully on a baby’s retina and send strong visual signals that foster brain growth and visual development.

• Remember the ceiling. Babies will spend a lot of time looking at the ceiling, so think about adding color, patterns or decals.

• Add some motion. Babies love to be rocked to sleep. Why not do it in a hanging chair or a cool, contemporary rocker?

• Choose furniture that grows. Today’s modular crib styles convert into children’s beds and changing tables are often a regular dresser decked out with a detachable dressing tabletop.

• Add fun elements. Put a tent or a rocking horse into the room that the baby can use as he or she grows into a toddler.

• Display your baby’s name. Find creative ways to spell out your baby’s name in the room, like framed letters on the wall above the crib or initials in big block letters on room accessories.