6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Homeowners Insurance Covered

If a tree falls on your roof, you’re covered. If an accidental fire breaks out, you’re covered. If a burglar breaks in and steals precious possessions, don’t worry…you’re covered. Most homeowners insurance covers many things you’re probably aware of, as well as a few things you might not know.

Here are six surprising things your homeowners insurance policy may cover.

Pet Damage or Injury
If your dog bites the neighbor, whether in your yard or theirs, any medical bills that follow will be covered by your homeowners insurance. Any property damage caused, including scratches on a car or front door, or a broken planter or outdoor furniture, is also included in your policy. Check the guidelines, such as specific breeds, as the policy may have some limitations.

ATM, Credit or Debit Card Fraud
If you fall victim to credit card fraud or someone gets hold of your checkbook, your homeowners insurance can help. Of course, you should always contact your bank first, but as a backup, your policy will typically cover up to $500 in losses.
Drones If you or a member of your household owns a drone and causes damage to your property or elsewhere, your policy may cover it. From inadvertent pictures to theft, homeowners insurance can pay for defense or replacement. Remember, drones are only covered if they aren’t used for commercial purposes.

Graveyard Damage
If a headstone or other property on a cemetery plot is damaged, stolen or vandalised, your policy is set up to reimburse you. Even natural damage, such as a fallen branch or fire, is covered under your homeowners insurance policy.

Off-Premise Incidents
Yes, items stolen from your home are covered. But what about items outside of your home, like your kid’s dorm? Well, that’s covered, too. If items are stolen from your kid’s college dorm, your car or even your boat, those losses can be reimbursed by your insurance company up to 10 percent.

Space Debris
If a meteor, asteroid, rocket, aircraft or satellite, as well as any other falling objects, cause damage to your home, it’s insured under most homeowners insurance policies. If however, the damage is done to your car or boat, you will need to contact your car or boat insurer. Coverage is available even if the fallen object is a branch from your neighbor’s tree.

Be sure to check with your insurance agent to find out the details of what is covered under your policy.